Creating a Climate of Trust in Science

Creating a Climate of Trust in Science

PERITIA's Online Discussion at the SCI:COM conference
10 Mar 2021

How can scientists and science communicators (re-)establish trust in trustworthy science in a changing media environment? As part of the international conference SCI:COM, PERITIA experts will discuss the different strategies used to tackle COVID-19 and their impact on trust in science communication under the motto “Creating a Climate of Trust in Science”. The event will take place on 10 March at 16:30 CET.

Registration is open. The full programme of the event is available here.


Dr Shane Bergin (Moderator)
Assistant Professor at University College Dublin

Dr Ty Branch
Researcher at Institut Jean Nicod & PERITIA

Prof Maria Baghramian
Professor of American Philosophy at University College Dublin &
PERITIA Lead Investigator

Prof Luke Drury
Emeritus Professor at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies &
When Experts Disagree Principal Investigator 

Dr Hamid Khan
Senior Partnerships Coordinator at Sense About Science