EU Horizon 2020 Project PERITIA Continues

The EU Horizon 2020 project PERITIA completed its first round of research in 2023. As we enter a new cycle, PERITIA’s Network of Research on Trust and Expertise continues its outreach activities under the guidance of its Lead Coordinator, Professor Maria Baghramian. PERITIA is very much interested in hearing from a wide range of academics across the sciences and in particular from those who may be interested in the relationship between Science and Democracy. Over the coming months PERITIA will release information on upcoming programmes and events on peritia-trust.eu and across its social media platforms. More to follow.

PERITIA was an EU-funded project that investigated public trust in expertise

PERITIA was an EU-funded project that investigated public trust in expertise.
In a world that is increasingly reliant on knowledge and scientific evidence, trust in expertise is crucial to the achievement of progress as well as to our well-being. We need experts to help policymakers and citizens take the correct decisions when it comes to such important areas as our health or climate change.

Trust Hub

The Trust Hub offers a space to interact with data from social surveys on public trust in individuals and institutions central to public policy, with a particular focus on Europe. The data was collected and prepared by The Policy Institute at King’s College London.

Trustworthiness Toolkit

We are increasingly asked to rely on expert advice in many areas of our lives. But how do we know which experts to trust? How can we tell if the information they’re sharing is reliable? This toolkit provides simple tests and guidance to determine the trustworthiness of experts.

PERITIA Research

From 2020 to 2023, the PERITIA team produced research outputs to investigate the conditions under which people trust expertise used for informing public policy.



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