PERITIA Research

PERITIA Research
From 2020 to 2023, the PERITIA team will produce research outputs to investigate the conditions under which people trust expertise used for informing public policy. This page compiles their most recent publications within the project.

A New Dark Age? Truth, Trust, and Environmental Science

Torbjørn Gundersen, Donya Alinejad, T.Y. Branch, Bobby Duffy, Kirstie Hewlett, Cathrine Holst, Susan Owens, Folco Panizza, Silje Maria Tellmann, José van Dijck, and Maria Baghramian

Countering Vaccine Hesitancy through Medical Expert Endorsement

Piero Ronzani, Folco Panizza, Carlo Martini, Lucia Savadori & Matteo Motterlini

Survey Results: Public attitudes towards the COVID-19 pandemic

The Policy Institute, King's College London

Why Trust Raoult? How Social Indicators Inform the Reputations of Experts

Ty Branch, Gloria Origgi and Tiffany Morisseau

Lateral Reading and Monetary Incentives to Spot Disinformation about Science

Folco Panizza, Piero Ronzani, Carlo Martini, Simone Mattavelli, Tiffany Morisseau & Matteo Motterlini

Themes from Testimonial Injustice and Trust: Special Issue

Melanie Altanian & Maria Baghramian

Deplatformization and the Governance of the Platform Ecosystem

José van Dijck, Tim de Winkel, Mirko Tobias Schäfer

Stakes of Knowing the Truth: A Motivational Perspective on the Popularity of a Controversial Scientific Theory

Tiffany Morisseau, Ty Branch & Gloria Origgi

Governing Trust in European Platform Societies: Special Issue

José van Dijck

Recognition, Vulnerability and Trust

Danielle Petherbridge

Vulnerability and Trust: Special Issue

Maria Baghramian, Danielle Petherbridge, Rowland Stout

Social Media and Trust in Scientific Expertise: Debating the Covid-19 Pandemic in The Netherlands

José van Dijck, Donya Alinejad

Experts, Public Policy and the Question of Trust

Maria Baghramian, Michel Croce

Deliberative Systems Theory and Citizens’ Use of Online Media: Testing a Critical Theory of Democracy on a High Achiever

Cathrine Holst, Hallvard Moe

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