PERITIA Briefs & Reports

From 2020 to 2023, the PERITIA team produced research outputs to investigate the conditions under which people trust expertise used for informing public policy. This page compiles the policy briefs, briefing reports, white papers and working papers produced within the project.

  • Trends in Trust

Kirstie Hewlett, Rebecca Benson, Bobby Duffy & Paul Stoneman

  • Briefing Report: Measuring trust in social surveys

Kirstie Hewlett, James Wright & Bobby Duffy

  • Policy Brief: How Can Governments Build Trust in Science?

Cathrine Holst

  • Working Paper: Behavioural Science: Ethics, Expertise, and Systemic Risk

Liam Delaney, Atrina Oraee & Jet Sanders

  • Working Paper and Guidelines on Holding Citizens’ Fora in 5 Capital Cities

Sense About Science & ALLEA

  • Policy Brief on Uses of DMPs for Restoring Trust and Ensuring Trustworthiness

Kirstie Hewlett, Zara Regan, Suzanne Hall & Charlotte Norman

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