Creating a Climate of Trust in Science: PERITIA webinar at SCI:COM conference

How can scientists and science communicators (re-)establish trust in trustworthy science in a changing media environment? Last week, as part of the international conference SCI:COM, PERITIA experts discussed the different strategies used to tackle COVID-19 and their impact on trust in science communication under the motto “Creating a Climate of Trust in Science”.

Missed it? The recording is now available on PERITIA’s YouTube Channel.


Dr Shane Bergin (Moderator)
Assistant Professor at University College Dublin

Dr Ty Branch
Researcher at Institut Jean Nicod & PERITIA

Prof Maria Baghramian
Professor of American Philosophy at University College Dublin &
PERITIA Lead Investigator

Prof Luke Drury
Emeritus Professor at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies &
When Experts Disagree Principal Investigator 

Dr Hamid Khan
Senior Partnerships Coordinator at Sense About Science