‘Trust in a Digital Age’ Workshop Held in Glasgow

On November 30th, PERITIA hosted the workshop ‘Trust in a Digital Age – How to Trust and When’, a discussion session on the topic of online trust at Coatbridge Library, Glasgow. Speaker Daniella Meehan (University College Dublin) introduced the theme to the audience. This included information on why trust is integral and important to a variety of online information, the ways that we can become hesitant to trust online, and what online virtues we should be developing to become better trustors. 


Also discussed was how institutions can be trustworthy or untrustworthy, and what they can do to increase their public trust. A conversation was sparked about the need for transparency in such institutions as the UK government. 


Succeeding conversations ranged from click-baiting headlines which can make us distrustful of certain media publications, to online scams that are becoming increasingly easy to fall for. Audience members were eager to discuss the intellectual virtues associated with being a good online trustor and the corresponding vices that they should avoid.


Finally, an interesting discussion was had on the dangers of becoming perhaps too distrustful online, despite the array of mis- and disinformation that is readily available. 


Picture: Canva