PERITIA collaborates in new project on science disinformation

PERITIA is proud to be involved in a new ALLEA project “Fact or Fake?”, which will explore how  tackling science disinformation in Europe. “Fact or Fake” will identify and discuss the root causes leading to science-averse attitudes in European countries, particularly focusing on disinformation campaigns on Covid-19, climate change, and vaccinations.

The project is led by a scientific committee composed of a multidisciplinary group of experts from across Europe, chaired by Dan Larhammar, President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. PERITIA is represented by lead investigator Maria Baghramian.

The scientific committee will:

  • Promote exchange and linkages between research, policy, as well as media communities on practices and approaches tackling science disinformation.
  • Develop strategies to address the loss of confidence and trust in scientific evidence.
  • Provide guidance to scientists, science communicators, journalists and policymakers to navigate and address the issue of science disinformation in appropriate ways.

The project’s final aim is to address both the recipients and the creators of science disinformation, examining the problem through a multi-disciplinary lens.

Supported by Compagnia di San Paolo, the project builds on and connects with past, on-going and upcoming ALLEA activities relevant to the topic of science disinformation / misinformation, including the ALLEA Working Group Truth, Trust and Expertise, science communication activities carried out in cooperation with national and European associations, as well as the ALLEA-Re-Imagine Europa work on Democracy in a Digital Society.

For more information visit the project website.