PERITIA at Research and Innovation Days

Research and Innovation Days is only days away! The event, organised by the European Commission, brings together policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and the public to debate and shape the future of research and innovation in Europe and beyond. This year, the event will be fully virtual and takes place on 22-24 September. 

PERITIA’s lead investigator Maria Baghramian will be joining the discussion for the High-Level Panel Crisis Upon Crisis: the cumulative effects of crisis in European resilience’ on 24 September at 12 AM (CEST/Brussels time). 

The session will help to understand how to enforce European society’s capacity for coping with the crisis by reinforcing European resilience. The proposed suggestions could guide decisions and actions of policymakers, considering the different contexts, cultures, visions, problems and needs of a Europe in and out of crisis. 

PERITIA will be represented jointly with other Horizon 2020-funded projects investigating trust in governance, for instance EnTrust and TiGRE. Learn more about PERITIA’s research work on science-driven public trust in expertise.

Registration for the event is possible here. Follow the debate at #RiDaysEU and check out the programme. The virtual event has two key areas: the Policy Conference and the Science is Wonderful! exhibition. Each area offers unique possibilities to participate and interact with other attendees