International researchers gathered at PERITIA online conference

On 18-19 March, PERITIA hosted the virtual scientific conference Trust in Expertise in a Changing Media Landscape for two full days of talks and discussions. In 11 different panels, almost 40 researchers from all over the world presented their selected papers and latest research. Reaching a total of more than 350 attendees, 5 public keynotes and a roundtable discussion featured outstanding experts in the field who provided multidisciplinary views on questions of trust and digital media and discussed how best to assess, establish and maintain the credibility and trustworthiness of expertise in a rapidly changing media environment.

You missed (parts of) the conference or want to watch the talks again? The recordings are now online on the conference website and on our YouTube Channel


  • Donya Alinejad (University of Utrecht) | The Shifting Sands of Trust in a Changing Media Landscape 
  • Onora O’Neill (University of Cambridge) | Old and New Intermediaries
  • Christoph Neuberger (Free University Berlin) | The Digital Transformation of the Knowledge Order
  • Natali Helberger (University of Amsterdam) | In the Digital Service Act we Trust 
  • Michael Latzer (University of Zurich) | Trust and Faith in Automated Algorithmic Selection 

Roundtable Discussion | Governing Trust in European Platform Societies

  • Stefan Larsson – Lund University
  • Jo Pierson – Free University Brussels
  • Alison Powell – London School of Economics & Political Science
  • Judith Simon – University of Hamburg
  • José van Dijck – University of Utrecht (Moderator)