Winners of IJPS Robert Papazian and PERITIA Essay Prizes

We are happy to announce the winners of the 2020 Robert Papazian and PERITIA Prizes. The essay competition is a joint initiative led by the UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life in collaboration with the International Journal of Philosophical Studies (IJPS) and the Robert Papazian Prize.

The Robert Papazian awardee is Charlotte Knowles (University of Groningen) for her essay ‘Articulating Understanding: A Phenomenological Approach to Testimony on Gendered Violence’. Dr Knowles receives a prize of €1500 made available by the Papazian family.

The winners of the special PERITIA Prize on the theme of testimonial injustice and trust are Havi Carel (University of Bristol) and Ian Kidd (University of Nottingham) for their work ‘Institutional Opacity, Epistemic Vulnerability, and Institutional Testimonial Justice’. They will receive a prize of €1500, made available by the UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life on behalf of PERITIA.

The winner of the early career PERITIA Prize of €500 is the essay ‘Our epistemic duties in scenarios of vaccine mistrust’ by Giulia Terzian (NOVA University of Lisbon) and independent researcher M. Inés Corbalán.

Their papers will be published in the forthcoming special issue on “Themes from Testimonial Injustice and Trust” for the International Journal of Philosophical Studies, alongside five other papers shortlisted for the prize.

Next call

The International Journal of Philosophical Studies (IJPS) has already announced the 2021 call for the Robert Papazian Essay Prize. The topic of this edition is “Ethics and the Emotions” and the closing date for submission is 1 March, 2022. You can learn about the call, terms and conditions for the 2021 Prizes here.