The Ethics of Trust and Expertise

Hybrid Conference
31 May – 2 June 2022
American University of Armenia, Yerevan

This conference focused on ethics and normative issues relevant to public trust, the nature of expertise, and the role of experts in public life and politics. Topics of interest to the conference included:

  • the normative dimensions of trust
  • the value of trust (and distrust),
  • the ethical requirements of trust,
  • the Wh of trust (When, why and who should we trust?),
  • the moral dimension of trust/distrust in experts,
  • the ethical obligations of expert advice,
  • the democratic deficit of epistocracies,
  • and moral expertise.

Videos of most of the talks are available here.

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ABSTRACTS are available here!

Keynote Speakers

Åsa Wikforss: Experts in a Democracy: Resistance and Rationality
University of Stockholm 

Lynne Tirrell: Truth, Trust, & Fear of Expertise
University of Connecticut

Paul Boghossian: How Should We Explain Widespread Seemingly Irrational Beliefs?
New York University