2022 IJPS Robert Papazian and PERITIA Essay Prizes on Disagreement

The International Journal of Philosophical Studies (IJPS) announces the 2022 call for the Robert Papazian and PERITIA Essay Prizes. The topic for the 2022 competition is “The Ethics and Politics of Disagreement”. The call is open to researchers from all philosophical approaches and will consist of two main prize categories, the annual Robert Papazian Prize Essays in Ethics and Political Philosophy and the PERITIA Prize.

About the Prizes

(1)  Annual Robert Papazian Prize for Essays in Ethics and Political Philosophy. A monetary prize of  €3000 sponsored by the Papazian family and publication as the lead article of a an IJPS issue in 2023.

(2)  PERITIA Prize. A prize of €2000, sponsored by UCD Centre for Ethics in Public Life, on a theme relevant to PERITIA (see below).

At the discretion of the referees, runner up and early career prizes may also be awarded.  

The Ethics and Politics of Disagreement

Disagreement is a pervasive, at times intractable, feature of ethics and politics. Understanding and addressing means to overcome or accommodate such disagreements remain major philosophical and practical tasks.  Essays are invited to address philosophical questions arising from disagreement in ethics and politics from all relevant areas of philosophy, including metaethics, moral epistemology, political philosophy and political epistemology, value theory, social epistemology as well as normative and applied ethics. Papers discussing the increasingly toxic features of political disagreement and how to overcome them are also welcome. Topics may include but are not limited to the following: 

  • What are the best ways to understand and deal with peer disagreement among experts? 
  • How should we choose between  advice and opinion given by dissenting peer experts? 
  • What is the impact  of disagreement among scientific experts on trust  in their advice?   
  • What is  impact of expert disagreement on policy decisions? 
  • The sources of peer expert disagreement. 
  • Resolution of peer expert disagreement. 
  • Intractability of peer expert disagreement.  

Terms and Conditions

Scholarly essays from all philosophical approaches – analytic, continental, and historical are invited.  You do not need to specify which prize category applies. 

Word limit: 8000 –10,000 words, including notes and references.  

The closing date for submissions is 6 March, 2023.  

Please submit your paper by email directly to Professor Maria Baghramian at [email protected], using the subject line “IJPS Ethics and Politics of Disagreement”. 

Make sure that the essay is modified for double blind review and that it has an abstract (200 words). 

Submissions should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere and should not be submitted to any other journal until the outcome of the competition is known. 

All submitted papers will be evaluated, in the first instance, by the journal’s editorial board. The shortlisted papers will be judged by external referee(s). The jury will evaluate the entries on the originality of the paper, its engagement with the announced topics, the contribution it makes to scholarship in the field, the quality of the argumentation and its conceptual clarity. 

The decision of the jury will be final. The jury reserves the right to award no prizes at all if submitted material is not of an appropriate standard. 

The winning articles will appear in a 2023 volume of the International Journal of Philosophical Studies (IJPS). All shortlisted papers will also be considered for publication in a special issue of the journal.    


The Robert Papazian Prize in Ethics and Politics was launched in 2011, with a generous donation from the Papazian family. From modest beginnings of a single prize, over the last 11 years, the competition has grown to a multi-award major publishing event resulting in the publication of a number of special issues and edited books. The PERITIA essay prize was added to the competition in 2019, upon the launch of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation project Policy, Expertise and Trust in Action (PERITIA). The 2022 call for submissions and the publication of the winning and runner up articles in a special issue of IJPS in 2023 will mark the end of these two competitions. The editors of the special issues and the journal would like to thank all those who contributed to the process, in particular the many referees of the competitions, for their invaluable work. To mark this special occasion, the monetary award for the 2022 Robert Papazian competition has been increased to €3000 and that of the PERITIA prize to €2000.


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