Team Publications

Publications from PERITIA team members and partners
This library offers extended research on policy, expertise and trust from PERITIA team members and partners.

How Do Advocacy Think Tanks Relate to Academic Knowledge? The Case of Norway (2020)

Johan Christensen, Cathrine Holst

Finnur Dellsén, Maria Baghramian

The Routledge Handbook of Trust and Philosophy (2020)

Judith Simon

From Trust to Trustworthiness (2019)
Maria Baghramian

Social Epistomology: A Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Policy. Special Issue: Expertise and Expert Knowledge (2018)
Maria Baghramian and Carlo Martini (guest editors)

Epistemic Worries about Economic Expertise (2019)
Cathrine Holst and Anders Molander

Experts and Democratic Legitimacy. Tracing the Social Ties of Expert Bodies in Europe (2019)
Eva Krick and Cathrine Holst (editors)

Between ‘Scientization’ and a ‘Participatory Turn’. Tracing shifts in the governance of policy advice (2019)
Eva Krick, Cathrine Holst and Johan Christensen

Knowledge, Policy, and Expertise. The UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution 1970-2011 (2015)
Susan Owens

Loss of Trust? Loss of Trustworthiness? Truth and Expertise today  (2018)
ALLEA – All European Academies

Trust within Science. Dynamics and Norms of Knowledge Production (2019)
ALLEA – All European Academies

Trust in Science and Changing Landscapes of Communication (2019)
ALLEA – All European Academies

Democracy in a Digital Society: Trust, Evidence and Public Discourse in a Changing Media Environment (2019)
All European Academies and Re-Imagine Europa

Science in Times of Challenged Trust and Expertise. Conference Proceedings (2019)
ALLEA – All European Academies