Programme of Action

The investigation is carried out in three – theoretical, empirical and ameliorative – phases with the goal of illuminating a topic that has been the subject of much political commentary and media debate in recent years.

Phase 1 Theoretical

• Trust and the Conditions for Successful Policy Advice Mechanisms
• Trust in a Changing Media Landscape
• The Ethics of Trust
• Scientific Reputation and Trust
• The Psychology of Trust

Phase 2: Empirical

• Data Collection through Surveys and Analysis of Existing Data on Trust: Ireland, UK, Norway, Germany, Poland, Italy, France
• Experimental Measures of Trust
• Behavioural Determinants of Trust and Distrust

Phase 3: Recommendations and outreach

• Behavioural Tools for Building Trust
• Citizen Fora
• Essay Competition “European Youth on Trust”
• Policy Recommendations and Dialogue with Policy Makers