Trust in a Changing World

Trust in a Changing World

2 Mar 2020

PERITIA’s inaugural symposium ‘Trust in a Changing World’ will take place in Dublin on 2 March 2020. The EU-funded research project investigates the conditions under which people trust expert opinion and scientific advice informing public policy.

Hosted by University College Dublin and PERITIA’s leading investigator Maria Baghramian, the event aims at presenting the key ideas of the project with a series of keynotes an discussions on the topic of trust. Leading scholars in the fields of philosophy, political science, and media studies will explore trust in connection to a wide range of  questions: misperceptions, platformatisation of media debates, citizen assemblies, or ethics and technology.

Keynote speakers include David Farrell (UCD/Royal Irish Academy), José van Dijck (Utrecht University/KNAW), Bobby Duffy (King’s College London), Susan Owens (University of Cambridge/British Academy), and Judith Simon (University of Hamburg).

PERITIA’s Inaugural Symposium “Trust in a Changing World” is the first of a series of events organised by the project. The symposium will be followed by an internal kick-off meeting. The talks and discussions will delve into theoretical and empirical findings regarding research on trust and trustworthiness from a multi-disciplinary perspective and addressed some of the central questions that PERITIA will investigate in the next three years.


March 2, 2020

Newman House, St Stephens Green, Dublin 2


10.00-10.30 Coffee/tea and introductions

10.30-11.20 Professor David Farrell (UCD SPIRE and Royal Irish Academy)

Chair: Professor Maria Baghramian (UCD Philosophy and Royal Irish Academy)

“Ireland’s experiments in deliberative democracy”

Short coffee break

11.30-12.20 Professor José van Dijck (Utrecht University and Royal Netherlands Academy)

Chair: Professor Göran Hermerén (Professor Emeritus, Lund University)

“Governing trust in a digital platform society”

12.25-13.15 Professor Bobby Duffy (Director, Policy Institute, King’s College London)

Chair: Professor Liam Delaney (UCD Geary Institute)

“What can our misperceptions tell us about the value of trust and expertise?”


14.20-15.10 Professor Susan Owens (University of Cambridge and British Academy)

Chair: Professor Cathrine Holst (University of Oslo)

“Experts and the environment: Some reflections”

15.15-16.05 Professor Judith Simon (Professor for Ethics in Information Technology, University of Hamburg)

Chair: Professor Gloria Origgi (Institut Nicod, CNRS- ENS-EHESS)

“Trust, trustworthiness and knowledge in a digital age”

16.10-16.30 Close of symposium: coffee and refreshments


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